Decisions, Decisions…

Here are a few simple tips and points to think about when looking to either replace or repair your existing Marine Engine. Repairing or replacing your marine engine is a great option especially if your familiar with the price tag of a new boat. If your about to begin the process of repowering your boat, and doing it yourself or looking to hire professionals, consider these points first.

• Condition of the engine being replaced

• Age of the engine being replaced

• Time and Labor

• Ability to handle issues that may arise while in the middle of replacing the engine

As far as condition and age goes, ask yourself if the long block itself is bad or if the engine is bad, it may be a good financial choice to just replace the marine engine long block. As long as the other marine engine systems and exhaust are mostly in working order and good shape, replacing the long block is doable. One common issue while replacing the long block is considering if the intake manifolds will match. Another consideration is being sure the ignition system will match properly and being sure the flywheel is correct.

One last common issue is to consider the fact that certain adjustments will have to be made for electric fuel pumps versus mechanical. Here at Marine Pro we not only have the parts, but the knowledge and expertise to assist in all your repowering needs. Either way, what we’ve seen is that it is usually best to hire a professional in these cases because there are a number or somewhat common issues that can arise, and professionals can surely handle them all. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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