A Few Useful Tips when Repowering your Boat

The tips below will help you get started in the process of repowering your boat, whether you purchased a “fixer upper” you’d like to restore or if you have an older boat. We all have our reasons for wanting to re-power our boats, in some cases, current boat owners are making the decision to repower their boats to make them more appealing to potential buyers. Be sure to do adequate research with whatever decision you make, here at Marine Pro, we are here to help!

  • Budget- When repowering your boat always keep costs in mind, this includes costs that go beyond the engine and installation. If you have an older boat, with an older engine it is worth it to consider the replacement of old components especially since you will have the engine out and it will be easier to access. Matching the new engine’s horsepower to the props and shafts is something you will want to do. If you have room in your budget you could consider a total engine makeover. New lights, paint and sound-proofing system can really make a big difference. It may not be necessary to replace any of these things just an idea to keep in mind. Also, with an increased budget you could even replace outboard brackets, be sure the bellows are watertight and consider transom adjustments or repairs. The point is, to always keep budget at the forefront of your mind, make a plan and consider all probabilities and costs for repowering.

  • Accessibility- Problems faced when trying to access the engine can be costly. As far as wooden boats, you’ll have to consider carpentry costs, and as far as fiberglass goes it would be even more expensive if your goal is to make the boat look new. Staging a rail system to hoist the engine could be your only option if you don’t have access to a crane.

  • Installation- Many boat owners who decide to repower their boats think that installing the engine themselves will save them time and money. When all is said and done though, you might have to get the engine inspected by an authorized dealer to activate the warranty and most of the time these installers can submit paperwork on your behalf. Comparatively, the cost is pretty close when it comes to installing a new a used engine, however rebuilt or used engines seldom have warranty information or proof of condition and hours.

Being informed and seeking knowledgeable sources in this process is of the utmost importance. Repowering your boat may seem like a daunting task but can also be exciting, and can serve as a wonderful reminder as to why to love boating. So, give us a call at Marine Pro and allow us to assist you in Repowering your boat today!

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